Odoo ERP Consultant: Openerp (Odoo) Consulting Services

Odoo Consulting:

Odoo/ OpenERP is a kind of open source erp solution. This is an elegant system to make any kind of solution as per your individual business needs by customizing it properly because odoo is an open source editable application. So, Odoo consultancy persists important role in implementing required features erp solution this can be achieved by odoo customization. By an odoo erp solution, you can centralize all of the business processes and automate operations effectively.

There is no surety to get expected result by just buying an ERP system to your business so it’s better to customize the erp system based on your business requirements. Aspirant Labs provides offshore odoo consulting service for your small, medium and large sized organization. We are professional odoo consulting service and our teams will support you to bring out greatest value to your business by an odoo erp system.

Odoo Consulting Service:

Typically, odoo is a cost effective, flexible and robust framework but there is have difference between installing erp and being as an erp so Aspirant labs provide all odoo services such as planning, implementation, customization, integration, data migration, training and after live support and maintenance.

Reason for Aspirant labs as your Odoo ERP Consultant:

  • We have experienced persons with tons of knowledge in Odoo they will understand your requirements and provide the solution based on different aspects.
  • The implemented ERP system provides productivity and justifies the implementation worth.
  • On time service to enhance your business productivity.

Overall, we work for you in a friendly manner to provide an excellent service to your business needs. Additionally, Our in-depth knowledge programmers and cost effective tool will bring out more successful erp system to your business.

To know more details about the service reach us at info@aspirantlabs.com!

Odoo Connector: Odoo Magento Integration

Odoo connector is an efficient framework to implement the bi-directional connection between odoo and 3rd party software. It has an ability to add or remove additional modules to enable new features for better implementation. Generally, retails and manufacturing businesses looking for a system to control the business process in both online and offline with odoo connector, you can process your business automatically by linking odoo with your business software. Aspirant Labs has been expert since many years to providing odoo integration with online shops particularly, odoo magento integration service. This enables you to process your orders automatically by connecting magento eshop to the Odoo open source ERP.

Benefits of Odoo Magento Integration:

  • Multi-store management
  • Shipping integration such as Fedex, UPS & USPS
  • Multi-currency and multi-company management
  • Data synchronization Complete system to handle your orders, products and customer related information
  • Can handle thousands of orders per day
  • Workflow automation like shipping, order processing, and financial workflows
  • Real Time Inventory Sync

So, E-commerce ERP integration is a single solution to over all management. Every business should have a unique workflow by an odoo magento integration the business would get an excellent result. This is a user-friendly system that provides ability handle multi stores at a time. Finally, Magento Connector for OpenERP/Odoo provides synchronization, automatization for your business.

We are actively working for you based on your requirements. Reach us to more details about the service via info@aspirantlabs.com. To know more details about us visit www.aspirantlabs.com

Odoo ERP Installation and Implementation Service Company

Odoo is the well-known complete open source ERP application in the market for small and medium-sized businesses. This is a comprehensive, money making business suite to cover all the business needs from website/ e-commerce, inventory, manufacturing, human resource, supply chain, logistics, project management, point of sale, etc. Odoo is nothing it is an open source alternative to SAP, oracle, and other ERP systems.

Does your Company Really Need Odoo ERP Solution?

If you are in either one these following situations facing delay in internal departments processes, manual data error, miscommunication, loss of customers then you would implement ERP for your business to resolve these problems. Odoo implementation is the best choice for small and medium business since this is a cost-effective and less time-consuming implementation service for your enterprise. Additionally, this enables you to customize as per your unique business requirements by making changes in the Odoo erp system.

Odoo business management system helps to solve your business challenges by simplifying day to day tasks and reducing manual errors . It has N number of advanced modules that provides the best solution for your individual business needs.

Odoo Functionalities:

  • CRM
  • Accounting
  • Sales management
  • Employee management
  • manufacturing
  • Point of sale
  • Recruitment management
  • Appraisal management
  • warehouse management
  • Invoicing
  • Payroll management

Benefits of Odoo ERP Implementation :

Odoo is the best platform for small and medium businesses . It can be the entirely beneficial system to manage your enterprise by its all functionalities.

  • Truly comprehensive
  • Simply modular
  • Updated technology
  • Reduce the usage cost
  • Easily integrated
  • Customizable

Aspirant Labs is an official odoo partner, Odoo solution Provider across India and Gulf countries. We have been providing best service to our clients from the past years. If you’re looking for odoo implementation company let us know your requirements.

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Best ERP Features : 6 Must Features of ERP System

Enterprise resource planning is a suite of integrated application to provide the unified solution over departments of your organization. An ERP system should have to provide an optimized business process and centralized data to handle your business processes. However, you would have doubts about how to choose the right ERP for your business requirements. To worthy ERP solution, you should seek for a solution that has the following features and capabilities.

Best ERP Features:

  • System integration (3rd party application integration)
  • HR
  • Finance and Accounting
  • Supply chain management
  • Mobile Functionality
  • Easy use

3rd Party Application Integration:

As a business holder, you wish to integrate an additional system to satisfy unique requirements of your business that are not addressed by your erp system. So, an ERP system should have the capacity to integrate a 3rd party application without any trouble. Odoo is a best open source erp application to integrate 3rd party application for your business. Read more about odoo integration service.

Mobile Friendly:

An ERP system with the mobile functionality lets you access a software in a mobile device which is directly connected to an erp system. By providing remote access, an organization can access their employee’s updated information on everything from product details to transformation.

Finance and Accounting:

Finance management is considered as one of the most necessity modules of an ERP system. An ERP system can integrate with your financial and accounting system to provide wide information about your business. Also, erp provides standardized long range planning to your core business.

Human Resource Management:

An organization can not run without an employee that’s why employees are considered as important assets so the managing resource is a huge task. ERP offers centralized HR system that enables the organization to track employees information and personnel hours evaluation over the enterprise.

Supply Chain Management:

An ERP system not only provides the internal operations, but the operations of supply chain automate many tasks involved in booking orders and maintain inventories.

Easy Use:

An ERP system must have an easy user interface to access the system easily and conveniently. Additionally, the function should be clear use and exact documentation.

The above-listed features are available on the open source erp solution. Odoo is an open source erp solution. Contact us to get the above features Odoo ERP system. Send your queries at info@aspirantlabs.com for odoo development, customization, and integration.

Don’t Just Buy an ERP, Build the Right ERP – ERP Customization Service

Every business would have unique requirements even if they are in same industry. The strategy will differ based on the service, the process will differ, etc however their ultimate aim to become the successful organization over the industry. Is it possible to achieve this in the current competitive environment without using business solution? The process would not be perfect if your business does not have an automatic system. Yes, ERP is a most popularly using business solution in all over industries.

There are huge number of ERP systems are available in the market to solve your business requirements but which are not exactly fulfill your business needs so instead of just buying an ERP according to your requirements build the right erp from erp customization service provider. We work closely with our clients to provide end to end ERP implementation, customization, integration, support, and maintenance service.

Aspirant Labs is an odoo official partner located in India and UAE providing the service to all over India and Gulf countries. Odoo is nothing but it is an open source erp system which is suitable for small to medium sized business since it can implement for your organization by the minimum cost. However, the features of odoo are uncountable, it has N number of modules that are developed based on your organization departments and interconnected with each other to provide a unified solution to your business.

Odoo ERP Customization Service:

In Odoo, customization is one of the most benefits to you since you can customize it as per your business requirements with the minimum time and effort.

Benefits of Customizing Odoo Solution:

  • The customized solution should meet your business requirements
  • Along with the customization, you can integrate your 3rd party software
  • It reduces the duplication of data and removes unnecessary fields
  • Software and network security

For more information about the odoo erp customization service you can contact us at info@aspirantlabs.com and visit our website www.aspirantlabs.com

ERP Business Solution | Open source ERP Solution: Odoo ERP for SME

Odoo enterprise resource planning system offers you to connect and manage your entire business operations from accounts and manufacturing to supply chain management and operations respectively. Using an erp solution you can make the smart decision during the critical situation because it has better insight capacity.

Solution for Small and Medium Businesses:

Odoo erp is an open source enterprise resource planning solution that provides small and medium-sized business better control over your whole departments of an organization. It simplifies your financial, supply chain, manufacturing, human resource, etc. This is a flexible and reliable system. for example, it’s quick to implement and user-friendly system. Find the odoo implementation company in India. The central features of an erp system support various functions used by different departments in the organization.

Generally, your enterprise may be started as a small organization, however, dedication and perfection grow it to the big enterprise. If you feel existing financial systems and process are disturbing your growth this is the right time to find the solution. Odoo erp is a cost-effective solution for the small and medium businesses. This erp solution setting your people at the center, automate your business and provide better customer service.

Odoo Implementation and Customization Company:

At Aspirant Labs, We have an odoo official partner located in India and Gulf countries. We have been providing whole odoo service and separate module for your individual business requirements to the following industries

  • Manufacturing
  • Trading
  • Retail
  • Service
  • Apparel industry
  • Education

We are passionate about transform and simplifies our client’s requirements to the simple software solution. With an erp solution, your organization employees would have accurate information that permits them to take the better decision and faster.

Pros of ERP Solution:

ERP plays an important role in your organization growth. Let us see what it will be

  • Real-time data view about your business operations
  • Improves the accounting error and eliminate manual error
  • Automate the overall business operations such as invoice generation, scheduling, status update, etc.
  • Improves the customer’s service by providing fast service

To know more details about our service and other details visit at www.aspirantlabs.com also send your queries at info@aspirantlabs.com

Odoo POS: Odoo Point of Sale Solution to Make Your Restaurants Process Easy

Each restaurant supervisor wants to make their shop process easily and accurately for that, increasing the number of employees alone will not support your business growth this may leads to increase the cost however, as a restaurant supervisor would like to expand the sales and reduce the costs so the most preferred approach to deal this situation is centralized system. This solution helps to empower your administration and improve the sales and customers satisfaction as well.

Serving fast customer service is an ultimate trick for business growth. Odoo touchscreen point of sale allows you to manage your shop easily and accurately. This is a user-friendly point of sale system ie. It has a simple user interface design so anyone can handle and the advantages of restaurant point sales system are rapidly increasing the client orders speed and response as well. Using hand held odoo pos system generally, avoid the miscalculation.

Odoo pos solution is compatible with any kind hardware so there is no need to install any specific hardware to run it respectively it is an adaptable system for tablets, laptops, desktop computers and industrial machines and the one more benefit is, it stays reliable even if the connection is lost ie, you can access it at both online and offline. Furthermore, broad reporting is an another advantage in restaurant odoo pos that offers supervisor can easily recognize which items are offering admirably and which are not.

Benefits of Integrated Restaurant POS:

The benefits of the pos system for the restaurant is precious. It simplifies the interactions between the kitchen and waiter staffs, can track everything from food usage Also, odoo pos can organize profit, loss and sales tax of your restaurant.

Odoo pos to the restaurant is designed for productivity. This helps to easily split bills, multiple customers, product sorting, kitchen and bar printing. It allows you to quickly overview your whole restaurant floor tables orders and deeply analyze where are your customers and where is not these are all will be identified by the odoo restaurant pos.

  • Quicker Processing of Payments
  • More Accurate Payment Processing
  • Splitting Tickets
  • Prevent Order Errors
  • Track Inventory
  • Open the Door to More Customers
  • Eliminate Redundant Data Entry in a Financial System

Overall the restaurant pos increase your shop sales and make the simple and easy process to deliver the better customer service. Do you have an idea to simplify your restaurant process? let us know your requirements at info@aspirantlabs.com. To know more details about us visit www.aspirantlabs.com

Odoo ERP solution for Apparel Manufacturing and Distribution Companies

Generally, Odoo ERP is an ultimate business suite for manufacturing and distribution industries to simplify the processes, which improves the customer satisfaction and reduce the manual errors by having the better control of your business. It’s not at all a matter the clothes, color, design, category and etc whatever, you can handle all those things by a single solution that manages all the complex issues of your apparel industry.This odoo erp solution provides keeping the track of all merchandising and store floor operations for your apparel manufacturing and export industry such as product management, warehouse, material plan, production plan, supply chain, etc. Read more about apparel industry erp solution

Odoo ERP Modules and Key Features for Apparel Industry :

Product Management:

This module helps to manage complete product processing which includes pricing, planning, item maintenance and etc.

  • Pricing and Promotions
  • Forecasting and Planning
  • Style/ Item Maintenance
  • Costing

Customer Service

This module supports you to respond quickly to your customer’s queries.

  • Customer Communications
  • Embellishments
  • Inquiries and Reporting, Allocation

Supply Chain Management

  • Production
  • Sourcing
  • Quality Assurance
  • Vendor/Contractor Portal
  • Raw Goods Management

Warehouse Management

  • Shipping and Tracking Solutions
  • Labor Management
  • Slotting Optimization
  • Order Management

Finance & Accounting

  • Cost Accounting
  • General Ledger
  • Credit Card Processing
  • Accounts Receivable
  • Factor Communications
  • Accounts Payable

Finally, odoo erp provides accurate information to the appropriate person at the right time and you can access it anywhere in the world. Furthermore, it improves the productivity and conversation between the customers, vendors, and colleagues. If you are the owner of garment and apparel industry, then you are in the right place. Let us know your queries at info@aspirantlabs.com. Know more about us www.aspirantlabs.com

Odoo HR Module: Human Resource Management System – Odoo HRM

Human Resource Management System:

HRMS is a system or processes in between the human resource management and IT. The function of HR department is similar for all organizations such as employee selection, evaluation and payroll process, knowledge sharing, time sheets, attendance, contracts, etc however, human management is a complex process. Before HRMS, this department was tracking manually about an existing employees details so the administration works became complicated and inaccurate. After the human resource management system introduction, the administration process has streamlined and reduced the manual workloads.

Odoo HR Module:

Odoo is an open source enterprise resource planning system. HR module is a part of that odoo erp solution which can help your organization to manage your employees properly. Odoo human resource module specifically provides better user satisfaction by this way it has the following features to support your enterprise

  • Staff management
  • Timesheet and attendance management
  • Contract management
  • leave management
  • Expenses
  • Recruitment
  • Payroll
  • Periodic assessment of planning
  • Cost centralization
  • Perfomacne record
  • Administration
  • HR Planning

With OdooERP all your HR processes would become easier. Odoo erp is the most favorable system for all small to medium enterprises since low-cost implementation.

Aspirant Labs is an odoo official partner in India and UAE. We have been providing odoo service across the countries for various kinds of industries. If you are looking for an odoo erp implementation service or single module for your specific need we will make it for you. If you have any requirements let us know here.

For more details about odoo HR module visit here.

Manufacturing ERP: Open Source ERP for Manufacturing Industry- OdooERP

Generally, manufacturing companies have been producing a huge number of products for all kind of customers. However, each enterprise may differ from the processes that they have then, they put their serious time, unique workflow, manpower to run the business successfully. Ie, manufacturing process may differ based on the requirements across the different industries. So the manufacturer stays unique, competitive over the industry. Is it possible to make your business competitive? Yes, when you have the processes are systematic then you can become a successful organization in your industry.

ERP is an enterprise resource planning system which is available in the market as per the industries specific needs and the money you ready to pay for it. If you are in the SME’s category then you go with an open source erp solution which available in an online. The specialty of an open source ERP is you can get it from online no need to pay for to get a license. Though, you must hire the odoo consultant to make it for your business. Read more about OdooERP solution

Top Reasons that Manufacturers need ERP:

  • Reduce the number of software systems
  • To get accurate business information
  • Reduce the time consuming for accounting
  • Reduce the difficulty in accounting
  • Provide customer satisfaction
  • Flexibility
  • Automate the business process

ERP system provides valuable benefits and solve the challenges. ERP is a unified solution which integrates all the departments of your business such as inventory, production, operations, sales, finance and etc. We have been providing open source erp solution for your manufacturing industry. If you need more clarification about our service send your queries at info@aspirantlabs.com. To know more details about us visit www.aspirantlabs.com