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An ERP system is come out for automate and streamline the business processes along with produce an accurate and real-time data about an enterprise operation to the corresponding persons. Ie. ERP is a unified business solution that runs all departments functions, processes over the company in a single system (common database). No matter what kind of industry you are, enterprise resource planning system is suitable for all industries.

Nowadays, most of the companies are using an individual software system to handle each and every department of an organization. However, there are the differences between the erp functionalities, business requirements and end-user usability. Hence, the customization is necessity thing for the ERP software when you have individual requirements for your business. Small to medium enterprises may think buying an ERP would be a big budget, Odoo is there for you. Yes, Odoo ERP is a fastest growing open source ERP solution in the market which is suitable for all small to medium business industries.

Categories of ERP Customization:

  • Changes in User Interface (design of screens, dialogues for certain user or a group of users)
  • Changes in Generating Reports, Forms & Documentation (Invoice, order confirmation, delivery notice, etc)
  • Functionality Extensions (Adding additional functionality in certain areas)
  • Changes in Workflows (make the changes in already existing functionalities to correct the sequence)
  • Modification of Existing Functionalities
  • Integration to the Other Application

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