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Human Resource Management System:

HRMS is a system or processes in between the human resource management and IT. The function of HR department is similar for all organizations such as employee selection, evaluation and payroll process, knowledge sharing, time sheets, attendance, contracts, etc however, human management is a complex process. Before HRMS, this department was tracking manually about an existing employees details so the administration works became complicated and inaccurate. After the human resource management system introduction, the administration process has streamlined and reduced the manual workloads.

Odoo HR Module:

Odoo is an open source enterprise resource planning system. HR module is a part of that odoo erp solution which can help your organization to manage your employees properly. Odoo human resource module specifically provides better user satisfaction by this way it has the following features to support your enterprise

  • Staff management
  • Timesheet and attendance management
  • Contract management
  • leave management
  • Expenses
  • Recruitment
  • Payroll
  • Periodic assessment of planning
  • Cost centralization
  • Perfomacne record
  • Administration
  • HR Planning

With OdooERP all your HR processes would become easier. Odoo erp is the most favorable system for all small to medium enterprises since low-cost implementation.

Aspirant Labs is an odoo official partner in India and UAE. We have been providing odoo service across the countries for various kinds of industries. If you are looking for an odoo erp implementation service or single module for your specific need we will make it for you. If you have any requirements let us know here.

For more details about odoo HR module visit here.

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