OdooERP Purchase Module: Purchase Management

The purchase is a process of buying raw materials, spare parts, goods & service from suppliers for an organization. Generally, purchase management is one of the most crucial departments in an organization so, it will need in-depth management. Furthermore, purchase management is responsible for handling the cost of materials ordered, inventory level, and suppliers relationship.

Aims of Purchase Management:

  • Purchase the needed materials by minimum cost
  • Maintain organization expenses less
  • Create new vendors
  • Maintain good relation with existing suppliers
  • Avoid stock out situations
  • Maintain proper records for up-to-date transactions

Features of Odoo Purchase Module:

Its all about efficiency. By an odooerp purchase module, you can easily manage the suppliers, purchase orders, and inventory as well.

  • Automate requisition-to-pay,
  • Control invoicing
  • Reduce inventory level with procurement rules
  • Get the best price by negotiating with several suppliers
  • Can take smart purchase decisions using the best prices
  • Maintain good relationship with the vendors

Odoo ERP is a one stop solution for your enterprise. Odooerp purchase module is integrated with inventory, invoice and accounting so you can make the process simple and accuracy. We are odoo an official partner located in India and UAE. We has been providing erp solution for your requirements, you can reach us for erp customization, implementation, integration and all odoo related to services. For more details visit us www.aspirantlabs.com or send your queries at info@aspirantlabs.com

ERP Implementation: Odoo ERP Implementation Service for Your Business

ERP Implementation:

Most of the manufacturers, traders, retails or someone else running the organization things ERP implementation is just like starting expense, maintenance costs, and ROI, but according to the today’s competitive business you can get additional benefits such as process tracking accuracy, productivity, decision making and more. Overall, an ERP solution can help to reduce your organization process confusion and slow down the deployed softwares.

Odoo Business Management Solutions Enable Enterprises to achieve the following elements ERP Implementation Benefits

  • Reduce the manual errors and provides accurate results.
  • Streamline and automate process over procurement, manufacturing, logistics, customer service, sales, warehouse, finance and HR.
  • Improve the cash flow performance
  • Cost effective solution for SME’s
  • Optimize resources
  • Increase the customer satisfaction and service levels

ERP Implementation Services

Aspirant Labs provides high quality, cost-effective odoo ERP implementation, and support services. We deliver quickly and effective Odoo business solution for your business which will help you to achieve your business aims and guide you in the appropriate success path. Furthermore, our own implementation method provides a risk-free business solution for your industry.

An effective ERP implementation needs specialists in the areas of change management, business process management and technical management to bring out the successful business solution. Aspirant Labs offers full service based on this with a tailored solution as per your individual business requirements. Finally, ERP helps your enterprise to minimize the manual errors and increase your ROI.

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Comprehensive Business Solution for Retailers

The role of ERP solution is decisive in stock and supply management because it’s maximizing the profits by reducing the stock-outs as well matching the stocks to demand the successful retail business. Many major erp systems are available in the market however Odoo offered erp solution for the retail industry is cost effective solution and user-friendly. 

Odoo erp solution is suitable for SME’s and it offers typical solutions for the retail industry which consist of store operations, merchandising and financial, etc. Alongside the comprehensive, odoo erp solution provides tailor made solutions to your retail industry ie, you can customize it for your individual business requirements by an appropriate odoo erp consultant.

Generally, Odoo retail erp solution facilitates the ability to grip business infrastructure to generate more online and in-store sales by streamlined processes. Odoo erp for retail industry can bring out the true benefits for both your business and customers. Furthermore, it provides a combination of flexibility, process efficiency, reliable information, and responsiveness.

Advantages of Using Retail ERP Solution:

  • The customized solution to meet the specific requirements of your retail organization in an efficient manner.
  • Segment-specific expandability option provides to meet various needs of the different segment within the organization
  • The retail erp suite support for the store system and keeping the track of warehouse, shipping, order management and more.
  • Retail ERP enables work flow automation to make the smooth operational flow over the whole enterprise.

Overall, odoo erp system makes easier the process of your retail industry also it facilitates better management decision by offering decisive information in a timely manner. If you are looking for the erp system for your retail industry, lets us know at info@aspirantlabs.com or send your queries here. For more details about us do visit our website www.aspirantlabs.com


Simple Solution to Increase Profit Margins of Your SME’s

Every business wants to increase the profit and boost the company’s bottom line. Generally, proper planning performs an important role in an organization success. For SME’s, can avoid the profit loss by reducing the wastage and automated business processes. Each enterprise consists multiple departments to run their business such as inventory, warehouse, sales, purchase, accounts, finance, customer support, employee sections, etc. An individual department should provide their role by the help of the corresponding persons however, you may encounter the error since of manual process and unable to provide on time service to your customers these are may lead to process inaccurate, customer loss, profit loss, etc.
ERP system provides proper planning, effective execution, error free service, on time customer service and more. Additionally, it can utilize the resources efficiently. ERP for small business will increase productivity. Generally, many SME’s departments have their information only by departments so other departments can’t access that information even in the needful situations but, by an erp implementation, you can access all departments information for the necessity.

Top 5 Business Benefits of ERP for Small to Medium Size Enterprise:

  • Cost reduction in operation, administration, and inventory
  • On-time delivery
  • Improvement in schedule compliance
  • Automated business operation
  • Decision making

At Aspirant Labs we offer for ERP Solution by one of the leading open source erp solution named as Odoo, it has the powerful features which can use the benefits of various departments such as trading, retail, manufacturing, service, apparel,etc. If you need odoo ERP solution for your business reach us here. For more details visit us www.aspirantlabs.com

Open Source Inventory Management : Odoo Warehouse Module

Inventory management primarily about “ shop stock management” ie, inventory control refers logistics, supply chain and operations so, the technical system essential for managing the inventory. The inventory management system is not only supported for operations additionally, which supports you for economical balances like reducing the overhead cost without affecting the sales. Odoo ERP is an open source web-based enterprise resource planning system which has warehouse/ inventory module to track inventory levels, sales, orders, and deliveries.

In manufacturing industries, odoo warehouse module to create a work order, bill of materials and various production related documents. Generally, (Odooerp) open source inventory management system for enterprises to eliminate product overstock and outages. This solution considered as an advanced system before that inventory system introduction data were generally stored in hard copy or in spreadsheets.

If an inventory management system wants to consider as an efficient solution then it should be able to quickly respond to customers requirements as well as flexible without affecting operational efficiencies. Odoo ERP inventory management system provides efficient and error-free inventory transactions within your organizations.

Features of Odoo Inventory Management System:

With odoo multi-warehouse management system you can manage your individual locations, customers, suppliers, and manufacturers.

  • Order management
  • Asset tracking
  • Service management
  • Product identification
  • Inventory optimization

Advanced features:

Odoo warehouse gives you cutting-edge automation and advanced routes to handle your warehouse.

  • Drop shipping

  • Cross docking

  • Multi-warehouse

Furthermore, this is a web based double entry system. Odoo has millions of users globally, Aspirant Labs is an Odoo official partner in India and UAE. We have been providing the service to all over India and Gulf countries. Reach for Odoo ERP implementation, customization, integration for your any kind of industry. If you need any clarification please visit www.aspirantlabs.com or sent your queries here.

Sales & Distribution ERP Module

In today’s competitive business environment, enterprises are adapting to streamline the business processes. To stay top in the business environment, all companies might have to integrate the flexible enterprise system to support the business processes. openERP sales and distribution module supports you to streamline and automate the wholesales and distribution function of your enterprise. Also, this solution helps you handle the global business with multi-currency & country features. In general, this management system integrated with marketing, warehouse, finance and production.

OdooERP sales and distribution offers a complete sales management solution for your broad range of enterprise. By this module, you can receive entire visibility of orders, cash, sell opportunities (cross/ up), delivery and customers service and many more sales related details. With this innovative solution, you can integrate 3rd party applications. Probably, odoo erp for sales and distribution will be the complete solution to manage sales cycle from pre-sales to invoice.

Features of Odooerp Sales And Distribution Module:

  • Lead management
  • Order management
  • Shipment management
  • Manage forecasting
  • Manage export orders
  • E-commerce integration
  • Reduce overhead cost
  • Credit management
  • Scheduling deliveries

Odoo erp sales and distribution module is developed as tightly integrated system with your sales and distribution module. This enables you to develop on time delivery by using defined warehouse requirements. On the whole, it offers an integrated view of distribution and sales operations such as geoinformation, financial, customer details, secondary channel management and more.

Get ready to automate your sales and distribution functions of your business!!! Reach us at info@aspirantlabs.com. Visit for more details www.aspirantlabs.com

Trade Industry ERP System – Open Source ERP for Trading Business

As a far-sighted trader, you are thinking about customer experience and business growth. For that you need to track your business activities quickly and real time. Is it possible? Yes, Aspirant Labs offers odoo ERP solution for your enterprise to collect real-time data about the entire operations. This also has the decision-making power, you can achieve this by tracking your business operations. 

Furthermore, ERP system provides an end to end solution for your trading industry by the way of control and automate the functional operations from purchase, sales, logistics, supply chain, accounting to business intelligence and reporting. Typically ERP for Trading industry is essential to regulate and track the business processes to improve the revenue. Furthermore, this improves your business back office efficiencies, customer service, sales and department coordinations.

ERP for Trading Business Modules:

Odoo is an open source erp system which has the modules for the trading industry are listed blow. With Aspirant Labs, you can track your trading business effectively across the globe. Odoo erp is a cost effective solution and suitable for all small to medium enterprises.

  • Accounts
  • Sales
  • Purchase
  • Masters
  • Inventory
  • Payroll
  • Reminders
  • Reports

Advantages of Using Aspirant Labs’s Trading Solutions:

Proper dealing with the customer requirements leads business success for traders. Overall, our erp solution will improve your organizational insights and decision making.

  • Automated business processes
  • Exact tracking of logistics
  • Improved customers communication
  • Real-time tracking according to the market strategies
  • Effective lead management
  • Integrate multiple sales

For more clarification about the service and other details contact us info@aspirantlabs.com also visit aspirantlabs.com

Open Source ERP : Odoo ERP Implementation and Customization Service

Open Source ERP:

Open source ERP is an Enterprise Resource Planning software whose source code is freely available in an online modifiable, free usable and more. Typically, this is a free software can be used by anyone for their industry needs. Every business have more employees to running the individual business operations, however, automatic way helps to reduce the manual errors and increase the accurate productivity. Off course, ERP will provide these facilities while you implement for your organization. Open source ERP comprehensive and required less implementation cost.

Why odooERP is Essential for SME’s?

Once you implement an Odoo erp for your enterprise which helps to monitor, automate and update the day to day activities of your business operations. By an odooerp system, you can get the real-time detail about your business activities at anywhere, anytime. This can help you to complete the tasks towards your business growth.

Odoo ERP Implementation & Customization Service:

Odoo is an open source integrated suite of business application that includes sales, project management, billing, payroll, accounting, inventory management, manufacturing, and purchasing. Odoo erp implementation is a cost-effective solution for the small to medium sized industries. Generally, odoo is a customized erp solution ie. It is a free software which has the set of modules already but we are not sure about that are all suits your own business requirements so the odooerp customization service  will be the best option to create an erp to meets your individual business requirements.

Why we go for odooERP?

Odoo erp is an easy system to share wide information over an organization. This is can be implemented at lower cost. It is a comprehensive and modular system which reduces the task completion time.

  • Integrated information (efficiency)
  • Systematic and automated workflow
  • Integrate with 3rd part applications
  • Common storage backup
  • Efficient customer service

Aspirant Labs is an Odoo official partner located in India, Gulf countries and have been providing the service over India and Gulf regions. If you need any clarification about our service do visit at aspirantlabs.com. You can also reach us at by mail at info@aspirantlabs.com

Odoo (openERP)- Open Source Enterprise Resource Planing System

Odoo ERP :

Odoo erp is an open source web-based business application. The ultimate aim of odoo erp is providing the better coordination with an internal department of an organization and outside stack holders. Odoo erp is a comprehensive suite of open source business application that includes sales, purchase, inventory, accounting, HR, CRM, warehouse, manufacturing and more business process modules. Every business might have these departments to run their business however the processes would be differ based on the business category. IE. Every enterprise has unique requirements so OdooERP system offers you to customize the modules as per your own business needs.

Features & Benefits Odoo ERP:

  • Open source business application
  • Easy customization
  • Integrating various modules such as Sales, accounting, HR, Marketing, CRM, Finance etc.
  • Charts or Graph Report generation, Quotations, Invoice creation, Email facilities, etc.
  • Managing entire background processes effectively from purchased to production or inventory—>Shipping or marketing—>invoice and more.
  • Web-based solution

Aspirant Labs is an odoo official partner located in India and UAE. We offer the service to our customers in India and gulf countries and we have been giving business solution in Odoo by the following services

  • Installation, Configuration
  • Customization
  • Integration with other apps
  • Maintenance& Support
  • Up gradation

Visit our website odooERP solution and Ecommerce solution. To know more about us do mail at info@aspirantlabs.com.

Effective Supply Chain Management System

Odoo erp supply chain management system helps you to create the best relationship with your customers by enhancing the today’s demands of your consumers supply chain management. Odoo erp is an elegant system to increase the visibility in the following sections such as manufacturing, inventory, purchase and sales. Odoo supply chain management module offers visibility into the whole supply chain processes from start to end so this probably guide you to move inventory to the right place at the right time.

Odoo ERP SCM module generally has the components for forecasting, procurement, demand management, delivery and so on. Additionally, it has in-depth real-time visibility on the key supplier, inventory, shop floor performance, logistics, delivery and after sale issues like returns, installations , etc. A good supply chain management system will provide a positive impact on the customer and supplier relationship. Before that, we must address the challenges in supply chain management.

Challenges in Supply Chain Management:

  • Traceability
  • Lack of visibility
  • Reducing cost
  • Customer service
  • Safety and quality products
  • Shorter lead time and less inventory
  • Supplier/ partner relationship management
  • Inventory management

Supply chain management is the supervision of goods, details, and cash while they move in a process from supplier to manufacturer—> Wholesaler —> retailer—> Customer. An ultimate aim of odoo erp supply chain management is coordinating these flows and reduce the inventory. Odoo is a worldwide open source web based erp system which is adapted for all kind od SME’s.

OdooERP Supply Chain Module:

Odoo SCM can be divided into 3 parts such as

  • Product flow
  • Information flow
  • Finance flow

The product flow taking care the responsibility of goods movement from supplier to customer or wholesaler to retailer or something like that. The information indicates order transmission and delivery status update. Finally, the financial flow includes payments, credit terms and so on. With Odoo SCM you can able to manage your inventory level and improve the customer service. Contact us for the service. If you need more clarification about this let us know at info@aspirantlabs.com