Magento Commerce


What is Magento?

  • Magento is a professional e-commerce platform that offers users complete flexibility and control over their online business. With the powerful features and extensions, Magento users gain the power to create
    e-commerce websites that are tailored to their specific business needs.
  • Magento is built on Open Source Platform and it offers solid modular architecture which makes it the most scalable and flexible platform.
  • The platform provides you with freedom of customization and a rich set of features not available with
    other software. You get the power to manage and control your store the way you like it but needs
    technical skills to customize Magento design and back office operations.
  • Magento provides merchants with powerful built-in SEO features for high search engine rankings and
    traffic rates, has the best SEO features among E-commerce software.
  • Magento can handle big enterprise businesses with its powerful and advanced multi-store function.

Key Features

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[wptabtitle]Customer Accounts and Service[/wptabtitle]

  • Re-order from account
  • Order Tracking
  • Wish list feature
  • Account Dashboard
  • Order History
  • Order And Account Update Emails
  • Contact Us form

[wptabtitle]Order Management[/wptabtitle]

  • View, edit, create and fulfill orders from admin panel
  • Email Notification of Orders
  • RSS feed of new Orders
  • Print Invoices
  • Create one or more multiple invoices,shipments and credit memos per order
  • Call Center (phone) order creation

[wptabtitle]Catalog Management[/wptabtitle]

  • Batch Import and Export of catalog
  • Batch Updates to products in admin panel
  • Tax Rates per location, customer group and Product type
  • Attribute Sets for quick product creation of different item types
  • Create Store-specific attributes on the fly
  • Approve, Edit and Delete Product Tag
  • RSS feed for Low Inventory Alerts


  • Shipping to multiple addresses in one order
  • On-site order tracking from customer accounts
  • Multiple shipments per order
  • Ability to specify allowed destination countries per method
  • Flat rate shipping per order
  • Flat rate shipping per item
  • Free Shipping
  • Table rates for weight and destination
  • Table rates for product sub-totals and destination
  • Table rates for number of items and destination


  • SSL security support for orders on both front-end and back-end
  • Shipping to multiple addresses in one order
  • Checkout without account/Guest Checkout
  • Shopping Cart with tax and shipping estimates
  • Checkout with account to use address book
  • Option to create account at beginning of checkout
  • Accept gift messages per order and per item
  • Saved Shopping Carts with configurable
    expiration time


  • Configurable to authorize and charge, or authorize only and charge on creation of invoices
  • Integrated with multiple PayPal gateways
  • Integrated with
  • Integrated with Google Checkout (Level 2)
  • Saved Credit Card method for offline payments
  • Accept Checks/Money Orders
  • Accept Purchase Orders
  • Additional Payment Extensions Available through Magento Connect

[wptabtitle]Search Engine Optimization[/wptabtitle]

  • Google Site Map
  • URL Rewrites give full control of URL’s
  • Meta-information for products and categories
  • Auto-generated Site Map for display on site
  • Auto-Generated Popular Search Terms Page

[wptabtitle]Analytics and Reporting[/wptabtitle]

  • Magento has an inbuilt reporting suit which showcase the performance of the online store in a nutshell
  • It enables monitoring consumer trends and thus provides the capability to define strategies and act accordingly.
  • It also provides an out of the box integration with Google Analytics.