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Odoo Ecommerce Solutions: OpenERP/ Odoo Ecommerce Development Service – Aspirant Labs

What is Odoo?

Odoo E-Commerce is the inbuilt e-commerce solution that comes wit Odoo. Odoo E-Commerce provides you the whole E-Commerce Solution directly integrated with the Odoo Software, eliminating the need to use connectors for accessing other existing e-commerce software’s . The biggest advantage it offers is that it is Open Source and comes with and inbuilt ERP System.

Features of Odoo E-Commerce

Ease of Creating and Managing Product Pages

  • Odoo’s unique ‘edit inline’ and building blocks approach makes product pages creation extremely easy , even for a person without developer or designer skills.
  • The built-in cross-selling feature helps you offer extra products related to what the shopper put in his cart.
  • Odoo’s upselling algorithm allows you to show visitors similar but more expensive products than the one in view, with incentives.
  • The inline editing feature allows you to easily change a price, launch a promotion or fine tune the description of a product, in a just a click
  • Get a full control on how you display your products in the catalog page: promotional ribbons, related sized of products, discounts, variants, grid/list view, etc.
  • Edit any product inline to make your website evolve with your customer need.

Features of Odoo E-Commerce

Online Sales

  • Mobile Interface
  • Sell products, events or services
  • Flexible pricelists
  • Product multi-variants
  • Multiple stores
  • Great checkout process

Customer Service

  • Customer portal to track orders
  • Assisted shopping with live chats
  • Returns management
  • Advanced shipping rules
  • Coupons or gift certificates

Order Management

  • Advanced warehouse management features
  • Invoicing and accounting integration
  • Mass mailing and customer segmentations
  • Lead automation and marketing campaigns

Mange Reseller Networks

  • Target new markets, have local presences or broaden your distribution.
  • Promote your resellers online
  • Forward leads to resellers (with built-in geo localization feature)
  • Define specific pricelists, launch a loyalty program etc.

Power of OpenERP

  • Powerful tax engine, flexible pricing structures, a real inventory management solution, a reseller interface, support for products with different behaviors; physical goods, events, services, variants
  • No need to interface with your warehouse, sales or accounting software. Everything is integrated with OpenERP

Easy Checkout Process

  • Customize your checkout process to fit your business needs: payment modes, delivery methods, cross-selling, special conditions, etc.
  • Convert most visitor interests into real orders with a clean checkout process with a minimal number of steps

SEO Tools

  • SEO tools are ready to use, with no configuration required.
  • Odoo suggests keywords according to Google most searched terms, Google Analytics tracks your shopping cart events, sitemap are created automatically for Google indexation, etc.
  • Provide structured content automatically to promote your product and events efficiently in Google.

Leverage Social Media

  • Create new landing pages easily with the Odoo inline edition feature and optimize from ads to conversions
  • Send visitors of your different marketing campaigns to specific landing pages to optimize conversions.


  • Customer groups with custom pricing, shipping settings etc.
  • Order tracking
  • Returns management
  • Guest account to full account conversion

Google Analytics Integration

  • Odoo’s Google Analytics trackers are configured by default to track all kind of events related to shopping carts, call-to-actions, etc.
  • Odoo marketing tools (mass mailing, campaigns, etc.) are also linked with Google Analytics, for you to get a complete view of your business.


Please visit: https://www.openerp.com/apps/website_sale/ to know more details about Odoo E-Commerce